Our sound engineering faculty members are sound engineering professionals themselves who have chosen to share their experience and knowledge to produce next generation audio engineers. They are active contributors to audio engineering field themselves. They are audio engineering professionals, yet responsible and matured academicians who understand the intellectual, emotional and creative needs of every student. They inspire, extract and guide students at every stage of the sound engineering program to ensure the learning outcomes are amazing.

In addition to our experienced team of audio engineering faculty, Soundtech Media brings in distinguished musicians and technicians who produce the music you love; the music you listen to. When you come here to learn your degree in audio engineering, you will be equipped with lots of stuff in recording and re-producing sounds that makes your audio engineering career an ever-interesting one!


  • Edgar Solomon
  • Jacob John
  • Avinash Krishnan
  • Arjun Muralidharan
  • Priya

    With the background of Masters in Visual Media and Communication, Edgar Solomon has been formally trained in guitar, drums, violin and piano.

    Sound being subject of his interest, he pursued his diploma in sound engineering as well. He considers teaching as his blessing which gives him immense happiness.


    • Fundamentals of Audio Engineering
    • MIDI & Music Theory
    • Studio Acoustics
    • Sound Effects
    • Audio Production - Protools

    A graduate in Electronics & Media Technology Engineering , He’s specialized in Live sound, Electronics, Signal Processing & Integration. He is also trained in playing instruments such as acoustic guitar and drums.


    • Electronics
    • Digital Audio
    • Live Sound
    • Media Management
    • Music Production - Logic

    Graduated as Bachelors of Science in Electronics from Kerala University, Avinash has taken his passion for sound and has merged with Electronics.

    He has completed is Diploma in Sound Engineering and Recording Arts and has an immense experience when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering. He also has completed Avid Certification which makes him an expert when it comes to Protools.


    • Avid certified Protools expert
    • Mixing & mastering stereo and surround
    • Electronics
    • Sound designing
    • Recording and studio management

    Arjun Muralidharan is a sound engineer and an alumnus of Soundtech itself. He has been a score editor and sound technician for music director Deepak Dev. His works include 10 full length feature films and a number of short films and advertisements. Arjun has excelled the art of working with Protools and logic pro.


    • Protools
    • Logic pro x
    • Music Production
    • Recording
    • Pitch correction

    Priya is a B.A Graduate in Music From Queen Marys college, Chennai. As a musician herself she always saw herself in a creative role in the industry. Trained in Western Keyboard, she was part of music live bands too. With over decade experience in the Hr management, she handles the administration and admission department of Soundtech Media.


    • Enquiries and admissions
    • Relationship management



  • Suryan FM
  • Radio City
  • onmobile
  • NHQ
  • Tapas Studio
  • Harman
  • Byjus
  • 2 barQ

Soundtech Media has excellent sound engineering career placement records so far. Our audio engineering students are placed in some of the leading studios and international organizations. While many students find placement even before completion of audio engineering course with us, there are few who require additional assistance from us.

Our placement officer maintains constant touch with some of the leading studios, film production houses, radio stations and television producers etc., to help our students keep abreast with the changes in the media industry and adapt themselves to become more employable.

We ensure our alumni network is healthy and active so that our alumni help students understand the recruitment process and mentor them to achieve professional transformation. More than anything, our quality audio engineering training empowers students to impress employers and earn their place themselves.